Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The people demand....

.... and I deliver. At the request of my friend Sumo, I will now be writing about how ridiculous Rafael Nadal (the world's new number-one men's tennis player, for those who don't follow tennis) looks in a tuxedo. Except since this is my blog, I can say whatever I want, and let it be known that though I do feel Rafa's hair looks a little crazy when paired with the formality of the tux, I'm not complaining about anything else.

This, I suppose, begs the question of who I would date if I had the choice: Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. I'm not going to lie--it's a tough choice, but someone has to make it (and sadly, that someone is not me).

The Pros of Roger:
1. Supernaturally skilled at tennis (I'm still not convinced he's human)
2. Richer (although this doesn't really matter to me, it might be nice to go out for a nice dinner)
3. Really good at speaking about five languages

The Pros of Rafa:
1. Younger and therefore more puppylike
2. Endless energy, probably (just look at his record so far this year)
3. Looks pretty good in a tuxedo, even with the funny hair

Though Rafa is incredibly charming, it's really the suaveness of Roger that draws me in. It's especially appealing that he's now actually started to show some emotion on the court. Before, if he made a shot that everyone agreed was obscenely awesome, he wouldn't bat an eye, but now he pumps his fist in a way that just makes you go, "aww."

It's a little tragic that my longest post so far has been this detailed toss-up between Rafa and Roger, but hey, a good topic is a good topic.

Final verdict: Roger... but not by (too) much.

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